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Off To The Races: Fairmount Park Racetrack

About Fairmount Park Racetrack Fairmount Park is a live horse racing track located just 15 miles away from The Regency Conference Center. It is the ideal location for a fun corporate outing following a business meeting at The Regency. As a matter of fact, working together and picking winners [...]

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Hold Your Next Group Event at the World Wide Technology Raceway

About World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway Located approximately 15 miles from the Regency Conference Center is the World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway. Formerly known as the Gateway International Raceway, World Wide Technology Raceway is a 1.25-mile oval shaped race track that hosts the NASCAR Truck Series, the [...]

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The Perfect Par: Meetings and Golf

Meetings and Golf make a perfect pair for any business conference.  Golf is a desirable activity for many business professionals who find it easy to conduct meetings as they navigate around the course. If you're planning a large conference, it is helpful to break up the day's activities with [...]

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5 Pro Tips for Pulling Off Your First Big Business Meeting

Pulling off the perfect business meeting is easy with the right plan! Additionally, knowing where to cut costs that can save money on tight budgets without risking your reputation as a professional is important! Here are some simple suggestions you should consider before cutting yourself short. Know Your Audience [...]

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Public Services Available Through Scott Air Force Base

About Scott Air Force Base Located approximately 7-8 miles from the Regency is Scott Air Force Base.  Known in the community for frequent fly-overs; the military and civilian personnel that are assigned to the several squadrons that work at the Base has the primary responsibility of global mobility activities [...]

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