elderly woman playing cardsHave you ever had family reunion activities all set only for the weather to rain on your parade?

That is exactly what happened to the William’s family reunion.  For three years in a row, Mother Nature forced them to change their activities from an outdoor park to activities that would fit under a large pavilion.  They quickly learned that most pavilions they found were smaller than their family.  Cramped and damp, the kids were quickly bored which led to anxious parents, and their time spent together cut short.

After three years of challenge, Mrs. Williams explored a different option – what about moving the typical outdoor event inside?

That’s when she contacted us at The Regency.  It certainly addressed the issue of finding a dry day; but how can you keep guests entertained?   Several of her previously planned activities involved water or grassy areas, so how was she going to adjust?  Here were some of the creative ideas we helped her implement that turned out to be fun for everyone!

A Corn Hole or Washer Tournament

Both Corn Hole and Washers are standard yard games are small and confined to a light toss, so bringing them indoors was a simple solution!  A corner was designated in their banquet room for those who wanted to complete.  We added a couple of dry-erase boards on easels for keeping score or managing the team brackets to keep everyone informed.

Card Game Tournament

Mrs. Williams acquired several card decks from a local dollar store, then designated another corner to card games.  Since not everyone in their family was familiar with Poker, they focused on other family-friendly games that everyone could play like UNO or Rummy.   For the smaller kids, Go Fish! was also an option.

Build the Family Crest

Since their last family reunion, Mrs. Williams had done some research on their family tree.  In her research, she discovered some information about what was believed to be their family crest.  So everyone could participate, she and her daughters created shapes of the shield and items on the crest from the soft, thin fun foam found at the craft store.  As she told the story, guests were invited to build their own replica of the crest to display in their own home.

Catering for a Family Reunion

Mrs. Williams worked with Chef Art to create a low-cost, family-friendly buffet that everyone appeared to enjoy.  It included BBQ chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, green bean salad, macaroni and cheese, varied fruit and bite-sized desserts.

According to the note we received from the family afterward, the event was a hit!

“The best part was simply enjoying conversations and activities with my family.  For once the pressure for me to be hostess was gone, making plans for next year a no-brainer!  Thanks again!” – P. Williams

If you have an upcoming family reunion, we’d love to have you visit with us first!

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