Orders are now open for our Catering To Go Thanksgiving Dinner.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy an amazing meal with family and friends during the Holiday without the fuss of planning, shopping for, or the cooking!

New this year, we are offering a “Prep-and-Cook” option in addition to the “Heat-and-Serve”. This option gives our customers the opportunity to pick-up their sides and pre-seasoned turkey one day in advance, with instructions on how to warm the sides and cook the Turkey in your own oven on Thanksgiving Day.  “We were hoping that this gives our older guests, who still enjoy cooking the meal for their family, an extra hand they might need in gathering the supplies and getting everything prepped,” said Chef Art.

“The holidays do become a busy time at the Regency,” said Aimee Dowling, Sales Manager of the Regency O’Fallon.  “Between events booked at the Regency, the orders that come in for our Holiday Dinner orders, is exciting for our staff.  There is something heart-warming about being able to be part of Thanksgiving traditions for so many families in our community.  It seems like in the past few years, the time we spend together at the holidays has a greater value than the tradition of Grandma or Mom preparing the food.  Our staff looks forward to the holidays every year knowing that our meal-prep is only one part of what can make the holidays special for all those who gather around the dinner we helped them serve.”

Advance orders received on or before November 9th can benefit from a 10% savings.  All orders will close by November 21st to allow for our staff to make preparations.  Visit the Thanksgiving Ordering page provided in the link below for the menu options, pricing, and order information.

Whole Roasted Turkey