Angela Dorris

Angela Dorris

Catering & Sales Manager

Angela has dedicated 20 years in the hospitality industry, building her professional career in the downtown St. Louis market as a Catering Salesperson and worked her way up as a Meeting Professional, Convention Services Specialist, and Wedding Coordinator as well as booking Entertainment for a well-known casino.


Angela is versatile, outgoing and an expert in detailing your event to be a success, all while making it as least stressful as possible. Her knowledge, professionalism and genuine friendliness will make your experience a blast and will have you coming back to ensure all your events are successful!
Chef Art

Art Phetsadasack

Executive Chef

Art, an Executive Chef since 2001, began his early years in Laos, before moving to the United States at the age of 11 years old. He grew up in Florida, surrounded in tradition and the culture of his Laos heritage, with his parents, siblings and extended family. Upon graduating from high school, Art joined the US Navy for 7 years, where he cooked for his fellow servicemen and recognized his passion for cooking. After leaving the Navy, he and his family moved to the Collinsville area where he continued pursuing the culinary arts and began his formal education at Forest Park Community college. While working at a local steakhouse and attending college, he moved up in the ranks, gaining valuable experience and knowledge for the food industry. Throughout his 30 years of cooking and culinary and at different venues, he used his passion for cooking to create wonderfully inspired and delicious dishes for his clients. Award-winning and accomplished, Chef Art enjoys carving ice sculptures and using his abilities to benefit others through his volunteer work and the Knights of Columbus. He loves to make his clients happy and see the smile on people’s faces when they try his food – “To serve people good food and see them smile – THAT is what it is all about!”
Pastry Chef Karen Shands

Karen Shands

Pastry Chef

Karen was born and raised in Belleville, IL and with her husband Mark and son Scott. Before beginning her career in baking, Karen has always enjoyed baking, decorating cakes, and creating delicious pastries with her Mom for their family gatherings. Karen has worked in the baking industry for over 40 years, beginning in the bakery department at Scott Air Force Base, under the management of Mallo’s Pastries and 32 of those years as the department manager. For the last two years, under the tutelage of Executive Chef Art, she has learned even more about planning and preparing a five-star meal! Her passion, ability to think outside the box and her positive attitude is an asset to the Regency kitchens! “You can’t ask for anything more gratifying than to hear “MMMMMM” when someone is eating one of your creations”, says Karen, who is very passionate about her baking – “That is what it is all about – I am such a foodie!!”