During the Pandemic, when our banquet halls were empty, Chef Art was able to keep his culinary team busy by opening our Kitchen to fulfill an idea he had for a fresh-made burger under the brand name “Phantom Burger”.  During that time, we put our efforts into developing an interest around a uniquely fresh burger that has now become the ‘best kept secret’ in the area.

“I love a good burger, but finding one that really fit my craving was difficult to find.  There was something missing for me, so I made my own and shared it with coworkers and friends.  While they too enjoyed the flavor, what stood out to me was how I frequently received comments on the ‘freshness of the ingredients’ and immediately understood how it contributed to the flavor. ” – Chef Art

With our banquet halls filling again, the Phantom still resides in the kitchen of The Regency; but building awareness without a storefront made it difficult to keep pace with fresh ingredients and orders, so we implemented a slightly new concept to filling your burger craving:  order online today – pickup tomorrow.  While it seems odd, and a totally different concept than most burger places, we merged the Phantom Burger brand into our Catering program.  Since we were never really “fast food” it seemed the best decision to be able to maintain the freshness and overall quality of taste of the Phantom Burger.  If you’ve tried it, we know you agree – this is no ordinary burger  and well worth the wait!

If you are a fan of a good burger, and would like to try Phantom Burger for yourself, Order Online Now.  We know once you try it, you’ll be back.

Original Phantom Burger